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Rofin-Sinar UK China team showcases lasers ideal for the automotive, packaging, and denim markets at Laser Photonics China 2019

In 2018, Rofin-Sinar UK opened a new office in Shanghai. The company has been at the forefront of laser technology for over 20 years and is a leading manufacturer of sealed CO2 laser sources in the range 0 to 1000 W. Chinese customers now enjoy full support in their time zone and in their language. Baldwin Ding is the managing director leading the team at Rofin-Sinar UK in China.

Visitors to the Rofin-Sinar UK China booth W3-3129 at Laser Photonics China between 20-22 March 2019, can meet the team and get updates on the latest developments of our sealed CO2 laser sources and high-speed CO2 laser marking systems.

Our portfolio is capable of a range of applications, from cutting, drilling and perforating to marking, engraving, scribing and welding. Lasers can be used on a wide array of materials be it textiles, plastic, polymer, acrylic, rubber, FR4, glass, wood, ceramics or metal.

Automotive interiors – 3D non-metal cutting/perforating
Sealed CO2 lasers have proven to be the ideal tool for automotive interior applications. Rofin-Sinar UK OEM-series lasers are used in robotics within the automotive industry for cutting and perforating, while the SC x35 is the laser used when manufacturing airbags.

Laser processing delivers the tight tolerances demanded by the industry as well as being able to cut defined depths for different components. The fast rise time of the pulses minimises the HAZ (heat affected zone). This, together with the high power/size ratio delivered due to the slab principle, provides consistent superior cut quality and production efficiency.

Packaging – fresher for longer
Consumers are buying increasing amounts of pre-packed foods. Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) technology ensures that these products remain fresh for as long as possible. Using SR series, IP66-rated hard sealed CO2 laser sources, holes can be perforated at regular intervals across the packaging film in accordance with the respiration rate of the produce inside to keep the food fresh.

Textile industry – a sustainable solution
Lasers are a popular option within the textile industry for putting patterns onto fabric. Denim suppliers incorporate lasers to finish jeans with the fading, tearing and patterning special effects that are popular on denim today. By using lasers, manufacturers reduce the use of harsh chemicals and water needed in the traditional finishing process, and a pair of jeans can be finished every 90 seconds, instead of 20 minutes. The OEM series from Rofin-Sinar UK is a popular choice for this application. The company is honoured to count the world’s major suppliers to the denim jean industry amongst its customers.

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