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Packaging - extending shelf life with lasers

Consumers are buying increasing amounts of pre-packed foods including meat, fruit and vegetables. Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) technology ensures these products remain fresh for as long as possible by regulating the levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and other gases inside the pack. Packaging must be tailored according to the product type, and the mechanism of decay and respiration rate of a particular product.

SR series lasers from Rofin-Sinar UK can be used to perforate holes at regular intervals across the packaging film in accordance with the respiration rate of the produce inside. This IP66-rated hard sealed CO2 laser source is integrated in the packaging machinery, where hole size can be monitored continuously and adjusted on the fly, so the film can be perforated accurately and reliably. In this way, the colour, taste and nutrient content in food is preserved. Mould growth is inhibited and the shelf life is increased in a controlled and predictable manner.

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